Relaxing meditative classes to improve your posture, flexibility and sense of well-being.

For desk jockeys as well as horse riders, The Rider’s 5™ therapeutic stretches will improve your posture and relieve stiffness and pain in your back.

 Sign up for 4 weeks of The Rider’s 5™ 30 minute stretch online class and receive a set of bumpy release balls for free.

Supple and Loosen

Deep Stretches

Stretch To Correct

Equipment Needed for Stretch to Correct

  1. Two towel rollers, one about 5-6” diameter (use a beach towel to make) and one about 2-3” diameter (use a hand towel).  Watch the video to see how to make your towel rollers.
  2. A roll of Vet wrap to make your rollers and protect your bumpy release balls.
  3. Two bumpy release balls (mailed to you free).
  4. A stretch strap ( a lead line or dog leash will work fine, too.)
  5. An exercise mat.
  6. A chair with a pillow to cushion the seat.


“Holly’s The Rider’s 5™ set of therapeutic stretches has enabled me to grow towards the skills of the naturally gifted upper level riders, or the beautifully trained classical riders of Europe.  It’s enabled me to follow and direct with my seat more effectively and subtly, working towards being as one with my horse’s movement as opposed to my natural inclination to protect from it.  It’s a process, but The Rider’s 5™ have put my feet on the path and my riding improvements are coming much more quickly and easily as a result.”

~Gail Kopp testimonial September 3, 2019


“Rider’s 5™ classes have taught me a better and lighter posture as a rider and have educated me to maintain a day to day program to withstand the rigors of riding and competing. Because of Rider’s 5™, I know that I have had more and better days in the saddle. If my horse could say thank you to me for practicing Rider’s 5™, I know he would! “

~Rachel Rosenthal, Owner, Operator of Heronwood Farm, LLC